Collection Story

Space Conquest

There is a great reunion of space memorabilia at The Little Museum of the World. Among other items, the framed signatures of Armstrong-Aldrin-Collins from Apollo 11, cards signed by Yuri Gagarin and the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, a kid’s drawing flown on a MIR Soyuz mission, a lunar module model autographed by Buzz Aldrin, a detonator from a Russian rocket, real Moon dust brought back by Apollo 16 astronauts. There are many more flown materials and signed photos to look around, a real space feast!

Some of the oldest fossils in the world with 300 to 400 million year old Horseshoe Crabs, Ammonites, Orthoceras, Armored Fish, Eurypterus Sea Scorpions and more.

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