About Us

Boopy & Christian

Boopy is a cosmonaut, an eco-detective and an inspirational leader. Children have magic in their eyes that can make anything come true. This is probably how Boopy was born from the power of a glance, from a dancing spark, from the wish of another vision of the world and the refusal of losing one child’s heart. This little orange sparrow is the witness of our Planet where children and adults have great roles to play. As a sparrow, Boopy is also the symbol of the world’s ecosystems in danger everywhere, because even though we seem to see sparrows’ cute faces at every corner, they are disappearing at an alarming rate without us noticing.

Boopy has a unique travel experience spending a few months at the International Space Station, sailing from the east to the west coast of Canada, ballooning over the English channel, crossing Africa on a tandem bike and reaching the great garbage gyre in the Pacific Ocean. 

The very dream of Boopy is not only to see wildlife sanctuaries thriving across the globe, but also to give hope and strength to both children and adults across the world, to help them find an identity and be able to build a positive future of which they are currently deprived. Utopic? Idealistic? Who knows…

Christian Pilard has brought a mix of all his passions into The Little Museum of the World. From drawing maps of the world in diaries during his childhood, through his many travels around the globe and his craziest dreams, this Museum has been developing in his mind for half a century and is now his life project, the sum of all his thinking for a better world, his love for justice and his refusal to take things for granted. 

Fascinated by the world of children, amazed by wildlife, curious of other cultures, convinced that poverty is the common denominator to many problems, and in love with the beauty of the Planet, Christian wishes to share a simple story which everyone can understand while helping people to build Peace and help meaningful projects. “the world lacks simplicity” he always says. The Little Museum of the World is here to show how wonderful the world is and how selfishly & foolishly we sometimes behave. “We can do better, we must do better, we will do better”.


Tickets for an exciting virtual tour of The Little Museum of the World, wherever you are on the Planet!

Don’t worry if you cannot come to The Little Museum of the World, The Little Museum is coming to you! For the price of a ticket, you can enjoy a 90 min video by Boopy introducing some of the most important objects displayed at the Museum. You will also get a 3D tour included for you to surf through the wonders of the museum. The visit can be done in several times and your ticket is valid for 30 days from the date of your purchase. Don’t hesitate if you want to add a small donation to your ticket, it means more actions can be taken ahead.