This important theme at The Little Museum of the World is represented by a Madiba children’s book signed by Nelson Mandela, a commissioned painting by French artist The Blind with braille based on the famous Little Prince’s quote “The most beautiful things in the world are felt with the heart”. Another commissioned photo was done on the same quote by talented French photographer Jennifer Lescouët in sign language.

Marine Life

A very blue corner with a mural of manatees and sea turtles by Finnish artist Riita Kuisma, an artwork painted underwater by famed Calypso member André Laban, a Fabrice Guérin photo of sperm whales in Mauritius, and an exclusively signed photo for The Little Museum of the World from the fantastic oceanographer and humanist François Sarano. A 1940’s Italian diving helmet, a 1900’s wood console marine map, and a ship’s navigation binnacle bring even more authenticity to this space.


Two strong symbols with a giant tiger plush toy and a massive original elephant photo by Italian photographer Federico Veronesi dominate a table with a signed book by Jane Goodall, a real tiger’s paw print casted in India, a pangolin toy made in the Central African Republic, and several examples of simple solutions that can help communities benefit from their environment.


How sports are more and more at the center of Peace is obvious. The Little Museum of the World has gathered signed iconic shirts of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, Barcelona, Manchester United, and Real Madrid. Signed photos and balls by the Williams sisters, Borg, McEnroe, Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic come face to face with gloves signed by the great Muhammad Ali and an original 19th-century child’s penny-farthing. An autographed photo by Jesse Owens brings the Olympic spirit alive while a football recovered from a bombed sports ground in Ukraine called “The Football of Peace” reminds us that nothing should be taken for granted.


While past wars have brought horror to the world, there are still too many ongoing wars which bring desperation and suffering to people. Afghan street artist Shamsia Hassani’s signed prints just show the hardship of women in her country during the war even until now. A pillow cover and a ball toy from war zones in Ukraine describe the harsh reality of war for children and their family. We don’t blame anyone, we just think of the stupidity of the concept and ask why children should suffer so much.

Cold war

Exclusive hand-written messages for the Little Museum of the World from Kim Phuc, the “napalm girl” from the Vietnam war. The beautiful story of the Mime Marcel Marceau is also told with signed photos of him. Genuine pieces of the Berlin Wall are also on display together with signed photos of Gail Halvorsen aka the Candy Bomber, another wonderful story to remember.

Space Conquest

There is a great reunion of space memorabilia at The Little Museum of the World. Among other items, the framed signatures of Armstrong-Aldrin-Collins from Apollo 11, cards signed by Yuri Gagarin and the first woman in space Valentina Tereshkova, a kid’s drawing flown on a MIR Soyuz mission, a lunar module model autographed by Buzz Aldrin, a detonator from a Russian rocket, real Moon dust brought back by Apollo 16 astronauts. There are many more flown materials and signed photos to look around, a real space feast!

Dreams of Space

Before the space conquest, many had dreamed of going to the Moon, but Jules Verne and Hergé are probably the two most high-profile ones. An 1874 US first edition of “From the Earth to the Moon” signed by Apollo astronauts Michael Collins and Frank Borman, and a “Tintin & Snowy” original drawing by Hergé next to a model of the iconic red & white rocket (made of recycled material in Madagascar) embody the spirit of those two visionaries.


A comic book of the Amazing Spider-Man signed by the legendary Stan Lee, a signed Wonder Woman photo by actress, feminist, and activist Lynda Carter, and four hand-signed 2 dollar bills by artist Rency for an art which has taken much more importance in these last decades.


From the first needles to sew animal hides in the Neolithic time to genuine painted Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags by pop artist Tennessee Loveless, fashion is part of The Little Museum of the World.