Collection Themes

Early Rocks

With 4.4 billion-year-old Zircon crystals and the oldest rock at 4.2 billion years old, the birth of the Earth is celebrated at The Little Museum of the World.

Primitive Life

The oldest stromatolite at 3.49 billion years and the world’s oldest multi-cellular organism (1.4 billion years), life in its most primitive form.


An impressive collection of meteorites including some from the Moon and Mars, a fantastic Howardite, a beautiful Sericho (Kenya) and many more. Tectites and impact glass from North Africa and Chile also on display.

Volcano Rock

Rocks from Iceland, Hawaii, the Nyiragongo (D.R. Congo), the Etna (Italy) and more. Also micro samples from all over the world for fascinating microscopic studies.

Cambrian Explosion

When life as we know it started. Fantastic specimens from the Chengjiang biota, China, including Trilobites, Isoxys and even older Nemiana from Ukraine.

Older Fossils

Some of the oldest fossils in the world with 300 to 400 million year old Horseshoe Crabs, Ammonites, Orthoceras, Armored Fish, Eurypterus Sea Scorpions and more.

Bird Fossils

Fossillised feather and an Enantiornithe bird fossil.

Dinosaur Fossils

An incredible T-Rex tooth and many bones and teeth from Triceratops, Hadrosaurus, Spinosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Pterosaurs, Carcharodontosaurus, Diplodocus and more.

Fossilized Coprolites

The Little Museum of the World has the most amazing toilets you can find around! An interesting selection of sometimes colourful (but odorless!) Dinosaur, Plesiosaur and Sea Turtle fossilized poo is on display there with T-Rex all around!!


Forests from the Baltic, Myanmar, Indonesia, the Dominican Republic and Colombia are represented by incredibly well preserved insects and flora from as long as 100 million years ago.

Marine Reptile Fossils

Teeth and vertebrae from Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurs, Ichthyosaurs, Globidens and more.

Paleobotanical Garden

From rare Ginkgo leaves to Lycopod trunk, Cooksonia pertoni and Megaphyton over 300 million years old, there is a wide diversity of plants including Archaepteris, the oldest known tree in the world. Colourful petrified wood, a spider and many insects complete this incredible garden.